we provide complete end to end staffing solution for the aviation industry, are trained to perform the job responsibilities while working with you as:-

Airport Ground Staff

Ticketing Agent

Cabin Crew

Flight Attendant

CSD Staff

In the field of Hospitality we cater to the Hotel Industry, Shopping Malls, Trade Shows participation and Exhibitions.

Food & Beverages Executives


Front Office Executives

Guest Service Associates

Service Staff

Housekeeping Staff


Online Assessment

Out of all the candidates profile, our recruitment team assess the candidate application on the basis of their eligible qualification, mandatory skills required for the specific role, also checking the candidates educational documents and certificates for verification and work history and background check, in case of experienced candidates and shortlist the profile for the further assessment of their candidature


Group Activities

We conduct different kind of group activities to further evaluate the dedication level, concentration, presence of mind, reflexes.Individuals suffering from dementia and residing in nursing homes often feel lonely and bored. This study examined the engagement and mood of people with dementia in group activities, and how personal characteristics, such as cognitive function, may impact on an individual’s responses to group activities.


Group Activities

Post online assessment of the profile, we conduct a written test of the candidates which aims to check the basic knowledge of the candidate about the role we are hiring for, basic knowledge of computers, confidence while interacting with the guests and visitors, knowledge about services, and mainly look for a pleasing candidate with soft skills


Personal Interview

After the previous processes face to face interviews are conducted to find the best candidates.If you are all about strength and pride, moose is the answer to this personal interview question for you.If you are someone who would climb the highest mountains to find answers, this is the right choice of animal for you.